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Happy New YeaR!

Happy New YeaR!

Sharon Hurt for Nashville,  Deb Palmer George, Treasurer,  1215 9th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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As I have worked to better the lives of my fellow Nashvillians, I never considered elective office for myself," Hurt said. "I am humbled by the number of friends and colleagues across the city who have encouraged me to take undertake this effort. In considering a political campaign, I have come to believe this is the logical next step in my work for a better community. I believe in bridging the gaps that divide Nashville and have worked toward that cause with government. Now I believe I can further that cause within government. I look forward to a great race and the opportunity to serve."

Happy New Year to All,

I am writing along with sending holiday greetings to give you all an update on what has been going on with me for the past year, since becoming a Metropolitan Council at large member.  My approach has been to take it slow, learn the process and as much as I could before flying off the handle and saying things that I may regret.  I am still in the posture of learning, but I do think I had a pretty productive year.


First, I was assigned to oversee District 1 during the absence of a Councilman after the untimely resignation of Councilman Greene.  During that time, I hosted several meetings with the district and individual neighborhood associations to identify and address their issues.


Second, I passed legislation for the Haynes Park/ Treppard Heights neighborhood to be designated a Historical Contextual Overlay to ensure any new development would stay within the context and consistent with what exists in the neighborhood.  Protection from overpricing the neighborhood that would result in displacement and saturation of low income housing that would devalue the existing homes.


Thirdly, I along with Councilmember Edward Kindall passed legislation to name the 31st Avenue and 28th Avenue Connector after the late great Francis S. Guess.


Fourth, I passed legislation along with Councilmember Edward Kindall to designate the only standing nightclub, Club Baron as a historical site at what is now known the Elks Lodge.


Fifth, I co-sponsored the bill for the decriminalization of marijuana.


Sixth, I am a proponent for the National Museum of African American Music to be located downtown facing 5th Avenue.  It is more important to me that the museum is built and not what it faces.  Museums are not designed to generate revenue, being placed in an area where there is a built in infusion of people gives the museum the best means of survival.  Let’s get it built.


I have sponsored, co-sponsored bills/resolutions as it relate to zoning or other neighborhood issues with district 1 or other bills that I found near and dear to my heart or representing a population of people who have been underserved, disenfranchised or discriminated against in some shape, form or fashion. I have responded to thousands of emails and hundreds of telephone calls.


We had a great year at JUMP, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary on December 1 with a luncheon. We had great support, the house was full.  Another successful Jazz and Blues festival, Bridging the Gap and Back to the Bridge activities.  The JUMP Shuttle is running strong and consistently and there are no vacancies in the houses that we own. Three new businesses joined us on the corridor and we had four new members join the organization.


Thanks to all of you for your consistent and generous support!!!!